Blonde.Purple –  ★★★✩✩ | Film Review

Synopsis: An out of his depth criminal is stuck in a bank after a heist goes wrong. With only a gun and a 16 year old girl as a hostage, how will he get out?

Blonde. Purple wants to be a Tarantino film, and whilst it falls short, it’s not without it’s merits.

What we have is a non-linear timeline of a story about a criminal (Julian Moore-Cook) who is struggling to cope when trapped inside the bank he has attempted to rob. With his criminal colleague shot dead by police and only a 16-year old (Ellie Bindman) to keep him company, he begins to come apart at the seams. When a police negotiator gets in touch, with the worst negotiation skills I have ever heard in my life I might add, we start to see flashbacks to events leading up to the heist and things begin to piece together.

When it does these backstory segments, it does it well. Some of the characters we encounter are pretty well portrayed, especially Adam J. Bernard as Nath. He holds the backstory together, with his fate already being known to us viewers.

Unfortunately, with the jumping around and interweaving of the historical stuff, I felt like it needed to pay off in the end a little more than it did. There’s a twist but it just doesn’t feel as strong as it could have been in the hands of a better writer and director.

However, I did enjoy the film. There’s plenty to enjoy in there despite it not exactly being a classic.

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