Sudden Death – ★✩✩✩✩ | Film Review

Utterly pointless remake that is just wasting money.

Synopsis: A security guard (ex special forces) brings his two kids to work at a basketball arena on the day, the governor, mayor, thousands of other spectators and 8 terrorists are there.

Director: Dallas Jackson
Writer: Dallas Jackson, Gene Quintano
Stars: Michael Jai WhiteMichael EklundSabryn Rock

Certification: 15
Run Time: 1h 21min

DaveOnFilm says: Back in 1995, Jean Claude Van Damme released one of the silliest, cheesiest action flicks ever. Sudden Death was the story of an ex Fireman who was now working a lowly job at a sports arena. He is looking after his kids one weekend when an Ice Hockey game is on so they go to the game and it just so happens that some VIPs are attending and soon a load of bad guys turn up, take the VIPs hostage, Van Damme notices and picks them all off. Its incredibly stupid but above all it’s fun.

And now, around 25 years later, someone has decided it needed a remake with worse acting (yeah, worse than JCVD) and action sequences which are poorly choreographed. Oh and the whole thing seems to have been made on a budget of around £42.29.

Michael Jai White isn’t too bad and can actually put the action into…well…action. But everything around it is so bad. The bad guys have guns that can only be fired by them in a high-tech upgrade….later on in the film there’s apparently a switch to turn that off….oh, OK then.

There’s nothing new here. It’ll be mildly entertaining for people who haven’t seen the original.


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