Last Call – ★★★★✩ | Film Review

Funny and inspiring with a fantastic cast

Synopsis: A real estate developer returns to his old Philly neighbourhood and must decide to raze or resurrect the family bar.

Director: Paolo Pilladi
Writer: Greg LingoPaolo Pilladi
Stars: Jeremy PivenTaryn ManningBruce Dern 

Run Time: 1hr 42min

DaveOnFilm says: This is a thoroughly enjoyable film. Its funny in places, touching in others and gross-out at times. A good mix in what is a combination of a buddy movie and the age-old “developer coming to ruin the old area” story.

Jeremy Piven is great as Mick, torn between his loyalties to his friends and family, and his work life. When he returns to the Bucket (as it is known) he fits right back in with his brother and his friends and their crazy way. Drinking, creating wild sex bets and challenges and generally finding a love for the area again.

Whilst there’s nothing too monumental in the roles anyone plays here, everyone is executed really well. The characters are pretty much flawlessly drawn both with likeable and unlikeable elements which some viewers may or may not get on board with. Bruce Dern in particular is brilliant and the cantankerous “Coach” who is always in the bar.

Its crude, its jammed with language straight out of the gutter but it feels real and raw and you can tell that the experiences of Director Paulo Pilladi, living close to this type of world growing up really shines through on screen.

Last Call will be available Digital Download from 29th March


One comment

  1. What a Great Movie! Brought back some childhood memories I’d forgotten about! I will always Love DELCO Upper Darby to be exact!


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