Film #1,200 – Rio


I am a fan of animated films, being a big kid at heart. The soon-to-be-released Wreck It Ralph is a modern favourite (I saw on a freebie preview…click here to see my review). Only yesterday we re-watched Toy Story 3 for the first time since watching it for the first time at the cinema…and yes…I cried again…!

So looking after our niece, it was a great excuse to watch an animated film I had been looking forward to since it was in the cinema and never had chance to catch. Rio is the story of Blu, an exotic brazilian bird who has never learnt how to fly and having being captured at a young age, has never lived the wild life he should have done.

When Blu is taken back to Brazil as part of some research, he’s promply kidnapped and must attempt to find his way back to his owner with the help of new found friends.

The film is great for kids, but unfortunately lacks some of the adult-appeal that many of its predecessors had, missing out on a flurry of in-jokes that the older generation can latch onto. Aside from the main character, and the samba-loving pair, the rest of the characters lack a certain appeal. Where Toy Story has distinctive laughs aimed at each of the characteristics of each different toy, the problem with birds is that they can tend to all be the same and as such, the film falls a bit flat.

Sure, it’s cute and quirky, but I can’t see this as being one I would return to anytime soon.

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