Snow White And The Huntsman


Kristen Stewart is back on the big screen and there’s not a vampire in sight. Here she steps into the fairy tale world of Snow White, taking up the titular role as the princess locked away from the world whilst her evil stepmother witch reigns over the land that rightfully belongs to Snow White following the death of her father at the hands of the evil wrongdoer.

Stewart is far removed from the world of Bella in the Twilight films and has to tear herself away from sorrowful teen angst we have become accustomed to and step up into a girl on the run, whilst looking to find her calling and stand up to the darkness engulfing the land. Stewart puts in a strong performance and genuinely looked at home in the role…even if her perfect teeth after being stuck in a tower for years were a massive glint of the glitzy life and just distanced her from then tale somewhat.

Then we have Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman, the role of a battler taken and thrust into the search for an escaped Snow White, who quickly changes allegiances shortly after seeing White. Fresh out of his stint as the Marvel-lous Thor, Hemsworth slips into a similar, although slightly grubbier role with ease. It’s a part which doesn’t require much in the way of acting ability so he’s perfect.

But the real star of the film, for me, is Charlize Theron as the evil witch queen. She’s devious and deceptively enigmatic and Theron’s portrayal of the pure evil coursing through her veins is evident from the very beginning. The pure pain of growing old and having to devour youthful girls in order to keep her looks is thrust upon you through Theron’s perfect acting and some excellent aging effects. She is physically brutal in her gyrating through her suffering and is easily the best part of the film…

…and then the Dwarves appear and I have to say, I expected more. Instead of utilising “Little people”, we have the likes of Nick Frost, Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins and Ray Winstone portraying those little chaps. Gone are the Happy, Dozy, Sneezy names for names such as Coll, Quert & Gort. With an influx of strong British talent playing the parts, I was ready for some full-on dwarf fun, but it just never came. They end up being just extra characters and don’t offer as much light relief as they should have. I didn’t want all out slapstick, but some prat falls and more cutesy moments would have been much better placed than them just helping. And in some cases, it was actually difficult to make out what they were saying.

Put all the elements together, and you have a legitimate fantasy movie, loosely based on a classic but completely reinvented for the modern day. Kristen Stewart is on fine form but Charlize Theron is the gem of the movie.

I would definitely be willing to give this another watch in the future and would recommend anyone to go see it. It’s 2.5hrs of escapism. Step into a fantasy and live it through your cinema screen whilst you have the chance.

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