Lightyear – ★★★★✩ | Film Review

Father’s day this weekend and I took my seven year old daughter and her cousin to see Lightyear at our local World Of Cine. She is a huge fan of the first 4 films, although she doesn’t cry at 3 as much as I did! This is a character that’s been in my life for 26 years after all…. She’s only been watching for the last 4!

Anyway, I came out of the film (after watching ALL THREE post credit scenes) with a happy little girl and a huge smile on my face.

Lightyear is a great film. It takes a character we know and gives him his origin story of sorts. Did my 7 year old and her 13 year old cousin care about the voice being different? No. Did I? Not one bit.

The film is fun and very funny, mainly after the horrible unfortunate event in the early stages which had this 40 year old crying. The provably cute SOX is great, but it’s Taika Waititi’s Mo who really made me chuckle throughout.

A really fun action/adventure which gives us the reason why Buzz exists, albeit with my one gripe of the technicalities of multiverses through fast travel not being fully explained, but hey, it’s a film for kids!

A nice little setup for Lightyear 2 in there post-credits too, and I would be well up for a sequel!

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