Christmas Thieves – ★✩✩✩✩ | Film Review

The only thing stolen here was the time wasted watching this trash.

Michael Madsen and Tom Arnold are thieves dressed as Santa and an Elf and stumble into a situation where they pretend to be babysitters for a couple of kids whose mum has to go out and investigate the very crime the thieves have just committed (like there’s no-one else to do it).

Then they show this old story book to the kids, who begin to read it and essentially they all narrate a bit of animation which has zero relevance to the story in the film. There must be some reason why the animation is there, but it just makes no sense.

What it does is detract from the fact there might actually be a half decent story about the thieves, but no, its too much of a pull in the wrong direction. With a better budget, there would have been some big adventure and everything, but there isn’t, so it never happens.

Its lazy, its not engaging and although the acting is half decent, it just wasn’t enjoyable.

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