Home Sweet Home Alone – ★✩✩✩✩ | Film Review

Holy fucking sweet lord avoid watching this monstrosity of a film

Where to start… Well, yeah it’s a reboot of the film we all know and it was never going to go well was it?

The thing is that Home Alone is a classic for so many reasons. The perfect casting, the great idea, and the fact it came out in a time before the Internet and mobile phones so the whole plot was feasible and could effectively happen.

But on Home Sweet Home Alone you actually find yourself rooting for the “bad guys” who aren’t really bad but just want to get back the doll stolen by Archie Yates’s “Max Mercer”.

Through some convoluted story, Max and his Mum Carol (Aisling Bea) end up in an Open House viewing where Max sees homeowner Jeff (Rob Delaney) with a box of porcelain dolls. After a completely misplaced shaming and a “oh you are one of those guys” comment which stands out a mile, the doll disappears with Max and Jeff and his wife Pam (Ellie Kemper) so to get it back because, well, it is their doll after all and it is worth upwards of $200,000…so it’s totally feasible they would want it back.

Unfortunately through more twisty storytelling, Max thinks they are there to kidnap him and sell him to old women… Yeah!

So starts the prat falls and the bits where people get hit in the head with everything and blah blah blah.

It’s just shit. There’s no heart. The kid is not likeable at all, which is odd because Archie Yates himself is likeable as an actor, but the character and story are just appalling.

At one point a character says “they shouldn’t remake the classics as its never as good” and I really wish someone had taken that on board.

If you are a sucker for punishment, it’s on Disney+, knock yourself out!

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