No Time To Die – Film Review

Royale or a fall from the sky?


The 25th Eon Production of Ian Fleming’s typically English spy is now in cinemas and is a fantastic fifth outing for Daniel Craig.

Across the five films (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Spectre and now No Time To Die), Craig’s Bond has been a different beast to what we have seen before. Back in the earlier films, there was no real continuity between each outing, with standalone bad-guys. There were themes like S.P.E.C.T.R.E. being behind things and the same characters popping up etc, but this recent pentalogy weaves a story throughout and binds everything together.

In No Time To Die, everything comes together and wraps the whole story up in a beautiful way.

We find Bond 5 years or so after the events of Spectre, retired and seemingly far away from his previous life…but naturally he is dragged back into the fray. Through encounters with Ana de Armas’ Paloma and Jeffrey Wright’s Felix Leiter, Bond reluctantly resumes his old ways again.

Everything from his past comes back to the forefront, and this viewer would highly recommend a rewatch of at least Spectre before seeing this new one as a refresher. Without remembering, you may wonder who Madeline is and how she ties into everything, and how Blofeld fits into the mix.

No Time To Die is spectacularly stupid. It’s big and really feels like a Bond film. Evil lairs, over the top plans for world domination and some great witty one liners give it a feel of one of the earlier outings. There’s some beautiful musical cues too which hark back to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and everything just works.

Suspend belief and don’t try thinking how long in reality it would take for Bond to get from one location to another…he just manages it.

Daniel Craig stated that this is it for him as Bond and No Time To Die is a fitting send-off for the five-strong action series.

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