Nemesis – ★★★★✩ | Film Review

A film I knew I was going to hate, which turned out to be a good ride!

Synopsis: An underworld kingpin’s past catches up with him when he returns to London, igniting an explosive chain of events which ends in revenge and murder.

Director: James Crow
Writer: Adam Stephen Kelly, Jonathan Sothcott
Stars: Billy Murray, Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott, Julian GloverNick MoranBruce Payne

Run Time: 1hr 22min

DaveOnFilm says: Well….I always say that you can tell whether you are going to like a film in the first 20 minutes or so…and I was absolutely convinced I wasn’t going to enjoy Nemesis….then it really began to work for me.

When gangster John Morgan (Billy Murray) returns home with his wife (Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott who is also one of the film’s producers) from business abroad he gets paid a visit by police officer Frank Conway (Nick Moran) who has a personal vendetta to settle against him. At the same time, John is being harassed by boss Sebastian (Julian Glover) and decides it may be time to hand the dodgy business down to his brother Richard (Frank Harper) and Nephew Eddie (Danny Bear). Unfortunately Richard and Eddie hate each other and are at each other’s throats.

It was at this point that my mind was wandering, not really fussed about what was going on. There was a ludicrous amount of swearing and some gratuitous nudity which wasn’t particularly needed in telling the story, despite it being nice to see….then one scene halfway through takes the film in a much more interesting direction which really elevated the whole film into something special for me. It became tense. Back stories began to unfold and inevitably, people started to get killed.

When this 2nd half took over, the film became more Reservoir Dogs crossed with Lock Stock. It because gritty and intense and drove my interest levels sky high.

Billy Murray is fantastic in the lead role. He’s shouty and sweary and just not that nice a guy, but we are talking about the gangster world here, where no-one is meant to be particularly liked, nor are you actually rooting for anyone to get through it.

Nemesis culminates in a fairly neat ending, with a couple of questions left open for the viewer to make their own minds up about.

Nemesis will be available on DVD & Digital Download from 29th March


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