Demon – ★✩✩✩✩ | Film Review

The only demons I have from this film is the one that allowed me to watch it to the end!

Synopsis: When an unpaid train fine comes back to haunt him, office worker Ralph flees London to a forest motel where a temporary hideout becomes a nightmarish purgatory, and emerging ghosts of the past force him to to confront the loss of his father.

Director: George Louis Bartlett
Writer: George Louis BartlettTheo Macdonald
Stars: Jemma RedgraveGary BeadleDavid Schaal 

Run time: 1hr 22min

DaveOnFilm says: Just a complete balls-up of a film. Horribly acted from the outset, this is not a good way to spend 82 minutes of your life. You can actually tell when more professional actors like Gary Beadle come into the film as they stand head and shoulders above everyone else…but unfortunately they aren’t in the film enough.

What we are left with is some kind of weird dream-like quality film which never knows how it wants to play out. The fact that just before two guys get into a scuffle, the scene is replaced by a video-game mockup of a fight just goes to show that its all over the place.

The story makes no sense, nothing gels and I wouldn’t recommend seeing it to anyone.

Demon will be screening at Cinequest between 20th-30th March with a UK release date later in the year


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