The Ice Cream Truck – ★✩✩✩✩ | Film Review

Strap in…this is another wild one!

Synopsis: A young mother in mid-life crisis moves back to her hometown neighborhood where she becomes the focus of an evil slasher that stalks the suburbs in an ice-cream truck.

Director: Megan Freels Johnston
Writer: Megan Freels Johnston
Stars: Deanna RussoEmil JohnsenJohn Redlinger

Run Time: 1hr 36min

DaveOnFilm says: Well here we have the Ice Cream Truck, a film which potentially could have been alright. When a film has a title so ominous, it’s either going to go one of two ways. One way is it being alright, the other is being a complete stinking pile of badly acted, horribly written, pointless trash. Can you guess which way this went?

Mary moves to the suburbs without her family yet, I don’t even know if we know why…but she’s there alone, having to deal with a creepy delivery man, some neighbours straight out of the Stepford Wives, and, well, an Ice Cream Truck driven by an old fashioned Ice Cream salesman with zero back story, who just likes to randomly kill people. On top of that throw a whole town where seemingly everyone has been sipping on viagra-tinged water to increase their horn-levels to that of a teenagers wank-sock, and you’re about right where this film is pitched.

Mary meets Max, the “18 year old” next door neighbour who easily looks like he it mid-thirties. He is pushy and essentially forces himself on the mum in a creepy way, only matched by the odd people she meets at an earlier party, and the odd delivery man who hits on her.

In fact, the only person in the entire film who isn’t creepy is the actual driver of the Ice Cream Truck!!!

I’m just not sure what the film is aiming for? It gets a single star as a bonus for its splatter moments, but other than that, it’s nothing more than a cheaply made, amateur-hour production which would get switched over if it was on TV and every other channel was taken down by some freak global accident!

There’s a cliffhanger which makes zero sense, and the most ludicrous decision making whilst trying to get away from someone ever. The scene in the park is actually laughable as one character tries to draw the killer’s attention away before literally walking right up to him and getting stabbed, followed by Mary fleeing….and hiding in the most secure location she can find……..THE KILLER’S ICE CREAM TRUCK! Love, you are in the middle of a huge suburban community….just go hammer on someone’s door…people are dying here!

The whole film withers more than a Solero Lolly in the sun!

Still, I do quite fancy an Ice Cream now…

The Ice Cream Truck is out on 15th March on DVD and Video on Demand….


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