The Winter Lake – ★★✩✩✩ | Film Review

Simple story, mother and boy move to new house, boy finds something sinister in lake, boy falls for girl next door, boy’s mum falls for dad next door…nothing ends happy.

Synopis: After making a grim discovery in a seasonal lake, a withdrawn teenager discovers the truth about his neighbours, a father and daughter harbouring sinister secrets.

Director: Phil Sheerin
Writer: David Turpin
Stars: Charlie MurphyEmma MackeyMark McKenna

Certification: 15
Run Time: 1hr 32min

DaveOnFilm says:
The Winter Lake is a slow burn of a film despite it’s 92 minute runtime. It revolves around a very simple story with complex emotions attached to it, emotions that I never truly felt shone through the film. The sentiments are there, the ideas are there, but I never really bought into any of the situations at all.

I found myself drifting whilst the film was on, being distracted by things other than following the film. And this felt like it was down to it’s direction and writing. The characters were just not engaging enough to keep me enthralled.

It feels like the film, although shocking in it’s subject in parts, needed to be more shocking than it actually was, and ultimately becomes forgettable without actually being bad. Emma Mackey is the standout star of the film and provides some of the more tender moments.

Very middle of the road, The Winter Lake is watchable, but not overly recommendable.

The Winter Lake will be available on Digital Download from 15th March


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