Foster Boy – ★★★★★| Film Review

Reviewing through a sea of tears!

Synopsis: A for-profit Foster care agency puts a known sex offender into the same foster home as a lawyer’s young client, Jamal, with catastrophic results. Each man heals the other in the pursuit of justice, as they expose the horrifying corrupt agency.

Certification: 15
Run Time: 1hr 45m

Director: Youssef Delara
Writer: Jay Paul Deratany
Stars: Matthew ModineShane Paul McGhieLex Scott Davis

Dave On Film Says:
I am an emotional mess right now as I write this, and I fully understand that writing a review of a film whilst under the influence of the story being told may not be the best idea, but I just had to put my words down for this straight away.

It would be easy to dismiss Foster Boy as a by-the-books Courtroom Drama, but there’s something extra special about it. It’s beautifully written and has fantastic acting performances. Matthew Modine as the disgruntled, well-off lawyer who is forced to take on this pro-bono case absolutely lights up the screen with his presence. Its a strong performance from him, despite being a role which wouldn’t have really pushed him too hard. But the real star is Shane Paul McGhie as Jamal Randolph. Jamal is underappreciated, stereotyped and downtrodden by everyone, including his lawyer and McGhie emanates from the screen with a believable yet nuanced character who just wants the world to see his problem whilst finding it difficult to talk about. McGhie will go onto great things in the acting world.

Knowing absolutely nothing about real life story on which the film is based, I had no preconceptions of the story and now only have the knowledge from the film on which to base my thoughts. The film explores and exposes the issues of private companies literally dealing with the lives of children in foster homes across America. It’s scary to think what things must go on, and the film is both eye opening and inconceivable at the same time.

Writer Jay Paul Deratany has experience, working as a trial lawyer fighting for child welfare in Chicago, and as Executive Producer Shaquille O’Neal (yes, that one) says: “A lot of what you see in that film, actually happened in the court room and Shane (Paul McGhie) shows us the trauma and crushing emotional baggage foster kids carry for the rest of their lives.”

Foster Boy will be available on Digital Download from 1st March and can be pre-ordered now on iTunes by clicking here


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