The Curse of Dracula – ★★★✩✩ | Film Review

Simply the best Solvenian Splatterfest I have seen this year!

Director: Tomaz Gorkic
Writer: Tomaz Gorkic (Screenplay)
Stars: Jurij DrevensekMarko MandicTanja Ribic 

Synopsis: Two crooks looking to scam tourists organize a tour of an abandoned manor house rumoured to be haunted by the cousin of Count Dracula. Their first group consist of a Swedish Satanist, two French goths and a Russian porn director. But the scam descends into bloody chaos when the tour is attacked by a Nazi cannibal wielding a circular saw.

DaveOnFilm says: This utterly ridiculous film had absolutely no right to be any good. In the early scenes, very unlikeable characters are aiming to run a scam to make some quick money. None of them are decent people and I was counting down the minutes until they were all offed in a really gruesome way….thankfully I didn’t have to wait long.

Once the scam is up and running and we get to the house and start to meet a bunch of over-stereotyped characters who are literally ripe for the picking, you know a splatterfest is about to ensue, and fortunately for the film, it does. Once the gore starts and the buckets of blood begin to fly, the film picks up a little. It becomes fun to see huge metal cutting discs sticking out of the backs of characters, or hooks on chains being swung to hook someone up.

Unfortunately, however, nothing is a surprise. You can literally pinpoint the moment a character is going to die about 20 seconds before they do, and as such, it takes you out of the enjoyment of everything.

Its all a bit frantic, there’s nothing really spectacular taking place either….its a “haunted house that isn’t haunted, but oh yes it is and oh look, everyone’s dying” kinda film which has been done over and over again but its fun and short…which is exactly what this kind of carnage needs to be.


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