Red Latex – ★✩✩✩✩ | Film Review

An utterly pointless film throughout

Synopsis: A young husband escapes his pregnant wife and her smothering family to find refuge with a dominatrix.

Director: Gerard Marco
Writer: Gerard Marco
Cast: Alejandra AristeguiFedra DuarteValeria Rowinski

DaveOnFilm says:
Where do you start with a film like this. It was just bad. Horribly acted, a story which was just naff and a “twist” at the end which was so utterly pointless, it was the only laugh this alleged black comedy mustered from me.

The idea is actually not a bad one. A guy who cannot bear to be with his family because of the control they have over him, decided to leave…yet he goes to a dominatrix, who then has total control over him….worst escape plan ever!

In the first half of the film, everything was terrible, but then when the actual dominatrix action began, there was actually some half decent moments which looked both realistic and believable. But thats where anything decent ended. The house began to be visited by his family and wife who were shooed away, firstly by Eric, and then by the Dominatrix. These encounters felt more tragic than anything else. A pregnant woman just wanting her man back, and her parents begging for him to come home did nothing for the film’s appeal.

And then…the ending…well…without spoiling too much of it, the abruptness of decision making, followed by an absurd scene by a pool and the moments that followed just added up to an absolute mess.

If this is how Argentina does sexy, I’ll have a Brazilian!

Red Latex is available from February 22nd 2021


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