Skin Collector – ★★★✩✩ | Film Review

Creepy Old Man stalker alert!

A serial killer becomes obsessed with the only victim to survive his attack; a shy young secretary with an indomnitable will to survive. When the psychopath penetrates police lines to abduct his target, she must draw on all her resources to survive the ordeal.

Director: Julian Richards
Writer: Brian Harper (novel), Robert D. Weinbach (screenplay)
Stars: Danielle HarrisJohn JarrattCasper Van Dien

DaveOnFilm says:
The Skin Collector is a fairly average thriller but watchable nonetheless. Danielle Harris puts in a fairly decent performance as Wendy, the victim who got away from her killer previously, being stalked and hunted by her attacker. John Jarratt is actually a creepy fucker, and we get to see him fairly early doors as he goes around garrotting women before chopping off their heads…as you do!

The film is pretty standard fare. You have a hunter, the hunted and naturally plenty of set-pieces which just make you scream “why are you going in there?” or “PULL THE FUCKING TRIGGER!” but always fall into the same pitfalls that a lot of these films do. The cops don’t do enough, there’s times when you think well someone would have seen them and just infuriating moments.

The gore is done well though. Its not overplayed, and is actually believable when he attacking his victims. It looks genuine and painful. Couple this with the creepiness of Jarratt and its not that bad.

Will it be the best horror you have ever seen? No, but it will give 87 minutes of entertainment.


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