Next – ★★★✩✩ | Film Review

Just Nic Cage being Nic Cage!

Synopsis: A Las Vegas magician who can see into the future is pursued by FBI agents seeking to use his abilities to prevent a nuclear terrorist attack.

Director: Lee Tamahori
Writer: Gary Goldman (Screenplay), Jonathan Hensleigh (Screenplay), Paul Bernbaum (Screenplay), Gary Goldman (Screen Story), Philip K. Dick (Novel)
Stars: Nicolas CageJulianne MooreJessica Biel

DaveOnFilm says:
Ah Nic Cage! My Mum’s favourite actor….I have no idea why. His films are usually big action adventures with things blowing up, Cage running away from someone or being blasted through the sky by something, and 2007’s Next is no exception.

Here he plays Cris Johnson, a magician who can see into the future….yes, really…but only a few minutes into the future, which is handy to foil robberies, dodge the odd bullet or twelve or stop someone being blown up. Its a ridiculous plot with absolutely zero reasons given for him having this ability other than him being born with it…but hey, just roll with it yeah?

Jessica Biel provides the love interest, literally being nothing more than that for Cage’s character and potential kidnap victim later on in the film, but that would be spoiling it and I ain’t going to do that.

Hot on his heels is Julianne Moore who wants to use his unique skill, that she just so happens to witness in person, to stop a huge nuclear issue (isn’t it always the case?).

Just how many times has Nicolas Cage saved the world now?

Its stupidly daft, totally fun and very middle of the road.


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