I Am Toxic – ★✩✩✩✩ | Film Review

Who the fuck are we meant to be rooting for exactly?

A man wakes in a world ravaged by biological warfare with no memory of his previous life. Taken prisoner by a group of scavengers he meets a young woman who helps him escape. As the scavengers pursue them through a toxic wasteland he discovers that he must make the ultimate sacrifice to save her.

Director: Pablo Parés
Writer: Pablo Parés, Paulo Soria, Daniel de la Vega
Stars: Esteban ProlHoracio FontovaSergio Podelei 

DaveOnFilm says:
Well…where to start on this one…Argentinian film I Am Toxic is a bit of a mismatch of a few genres. There’s a bit of the old Zombie films in there, a chunk of Max Max type griminess and something akin to those “mad family traps and tortures someone” type films that had their day a long time ago.

When our man awakens with no knowledge of who he is or why he is there, he tries to piece things together whilst escaping some kind of infected before being brutalised when captured. It’s whilst he is captured that his captees torture him, then one sets him free before then attacking him again with a plot hole bit enough to fly a plane dumping bodies through.

It’s just not great. The atmosphere it’s attempting to go for is the best part of the film. It looks grimy, it feels nasty. I actually felt like I needed to shower for an hour afterwards (this is not related to the fact I actually needed to shower anyway!)

If you love watching anything to do with biohazards and the original toxic avenger films, you might find this much more entertaining than I did.

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