Killer Therapy – ★★✩✩✩ | Film Review

Therapy… It’ll make you or break you… In this case, neither..

Killer Therapy is available on Sky & can be bought on Amazon here

Director Barry Jay’s second feature tells the story of Brian, a young boy with issues. When his family adopt a younger sister, things start to go wrong. Normally in these stories it’s the adopted kid that turns out to be the psycho, but here its Brian (Michael Qeliqi as the older Brian) who cannot deal with having a sister brought into his life and begins spiralling.

He is taken to a number of psychiatrists along the way, but this only makes him worse and ultimately leads to a total destruction of everything around him.

Killer Therapy isn’t terrible. I have seen much worse, but there’s also a vital element missing from the film…. Actual suspense. And this just makes it all feel very middle of the road.

There’s no terrible performances, and it was actually really good to see Thom Mathews on screen again, but I don’t know whether it was a lack of sympathy for any of the characters that meet their demise, or whether it was just the mediocre acting talent on show that made it feel more like a TV movie than one I would actually pay to go see.

There’s a couple of nasty sequences in the film which are done fairly decently though, and the montage kill fest is good but comes way too late in the film when each part of the montage could have held up as a moment in itself if played out correctly.

It’s an easy watch, but it didn’t set my pulse racing like I would want from a film like this.

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