The Lighthouse – ★★★✩✩ | Film Review

Robert Eggers manages to captivate and wildly confuse at the same time!

Having missed seeing The Lighthouse at Leeds International Film Festival last year, I was keen to watch what looked like one of the strangest films ever made… It didn’t disappoint in that respect.

Robert Eggers directs Willem Dafoe as an old sea dog, and Robert Pattinson as his lighthouse keeper partner who come to the remote haven to maintain the light for the next 4 weeks.

Isolation takes it toll on the two as they experience bad omens, drunken fights and hallucinogenic dreams of mermaids and dead bodies in the sea.

The whole film, whilst it seems brilliant and well made, just tips over into being too surreal. I expect there’s a lot of imagery used throughout that depict various ancient myths and stories unknown to me, in which case it may benefit from a research and a second viewing…. Just not anytime soon.

It’s not at all horrible, in fact far from it. The atmosphere and conditions of filming really drive home the harshness of the job at hand and you can begin to understand how and why the madness begins to set in.

Oh and you won’t look at seagulls in the same way every again….

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