I Lost My Body – ★★★★✩ | Leeds International Film Festival 2019

Hands on or hands off?

When I first heard there was a French Animation about a dismembered hand trying to find its way back to its body, I was sceptical, yet intrigued at the same time…we saw the trailer for this film at the launch night of the whole Festival around a month ago and it certainly intrigued me even more.

I was so pleased that I was able to see this film.

First and foremost, the animation is superb. The 6 year production on this film is absolutely justified by the amount of detail in every single frame. It’s beautiful and real at the same time.

When the film first starts and we see a dismembered hand crawling across the floor, seemingly having flashbacks to its life with its owner Naoufel, I wasn’t sure which direction the film was going to go, but what unfolds is a lovely tale of attempted reconciliation across two plains. Not only is the hand wanting to return to its owner, but then we have the story of fully-handed Naoufel trying to meet up with Gabrielle, a girl he only knew from her voice and first name after delivering a pizza late to her one evening.

The hand goes on a fantastical adventure across the city, dodging curious pigeons, rats, trains, public transport and seemingly impossible traverses across buildings and highways.

Rats were finding it hard to kick their smoking habit…

I found myself rooting for the hand and actually willing it on as it attempts to overcome all its obstacles.

The flicking between pre and post-severage is done stylishly and really leaves you kind of sickly looking forward to finding out how the departing of hand from body happens.

This was acquired by Netflix so hopefully it should open up to a wider audience pretty soon. Its a great film and at only 81 minutes long, is really well paced.

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