Let There Be Light – ★★★★✩ | Leeds International Film Festival 2019

The best Slovakia drama I have ever seen.

Slight cheat there as its the only Slovakian film I have ever actually seen…but it has set the standard fairly high early on.

Milan is a construction worker who, after spending a lot of time away from his family in Germany, returns home to his wife and three kids.

Upon arrival, it’s clear that not everything is going well. His wife isn’t happy at the amount of money he is spending on his gun collection, and things are made worse when a teenage friend of Milan’s eldest son dies in a suicide. With the son being part of a radical group of teenagers, and one of them dying, Milan has to juggle his home life to make sense of everything.

Chevy and Denise liked to sleep in the most awkward position every night

This film is a great story about family and the bonds that tie those relationships together. Milan trying to understand his son’s feelings is a constant struggle, especially when his own father is getting involved.

It’s great to see a simple tale being played out really well. It’s well acted and the final scene is powerfully done in a film which could have taken a very different turn in the hands of another director.

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