Door Lock – ★★✩✩✩ | Leeds International Film Festival 2019

Another quirky Korean thriller

Tickets courtesy of festival partner Enjoy Digital

The second film in LIFF19’s Fanomenon Series that I have had the honour of seeing was Door Lock, another Korean film, this time from director Kwon Lee.

Kyung Min lives alone and is convinced a man is trying to enter her apartment when she is not there and throughout the night. As her paranoia escalates, she begins to suspect everyone she meets. The police don’t believe her and she struggles to come to terms with everything.

I had a problem with this film in that I just didn’t feel like it worked well enough for my liking. There seemed to be a lack of tension and creepiness that a film like this should have been able to play on perfectly, but it just wasn’t there for me.

Its made well enough, but I never felt any peril, even when everything is revealed. There’s a small gory element to the later scenes when the film finally kicks up a gear, but its not particularly done that well.

“Hi this is your Deliveroo driver, can you hurry up and open all your locks, your food is going cold out here”

From the trailer, I felt like this would have been a thrilling, tense ride, but it just veered away from that too much for me. I wanted it to feel more claustrophobic than it did, but again it lacked it.

There’s plenty of convincing performances though, but when everything all comes out, I just struggled to care enough to be that bothered by it.

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