The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil – ★★★★★| Leeds International Film Festival 2019

Lets kick off my festival going in style!

Courtesy of some freebie tickets from festival partner Enjoy Digital, I attended my first film of the Leeds International Film Festival 2019 (LIFF19) tonight inside Victoria Hall in Leeds Town Hall.

The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil is a South Korean film from director Won-tae Lee about a Gangster boss called Jang Dong-Soo who is brutally attacked in an unprovoked show of violence from an unknown assailant who turns out to be a serial killer, proving that Jang had a very lucky escape.

On the hunt for the killer is police officer Jung, determined to find the person who is killing at random. When the heads of the police force refuse to investigate properly, Jung knows the only way he can bring the killer to justice is to team up with Gangster Jang and his criminal empire to bring the attacker down.

Its a stylish thriller with a good deal of brutality running through its veins. Dong-seok Ma is brilliant as Gangster Jang. I last saw him three years ago at LIFF16 as a comedy character in the brilliantly made Zombie film “Train To Busan”. Here is still maintains a few comedy lines, but is frightfully nasty as the ruthless boss out for revenge after his attack.

Mu-Yeol Kim as the cop really throws himself into the action and is likeable in the lead role.

Even gangsters can’t kill the rain

As the film progresses, I was literally on the edge of my seat as the Gangster and the Cop get closer to the Devil (and partly because the chairs in Leeds Town Hall aren’t that comfortable haha).

Its a fun game of cat n mouse, with the intimacy of the killer using a knife, and the police and gangsters not actually being fully armed, so any violence and fight scenes feel raw and real.

This was an absolute delight and I will be recommending this to many people in the future.

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