After The Wedding – ★★★★✩ | Film Review

Sentimental loveliness or mess?

It’s not very often I go see a film having not seen a trailer or indeed know anything about the film at all.

After The Wedding was one of these.

Having some time to kill before a screening of another film, I nipped to see this. The cast list seemed good so it would be interesting to see what it was.

Michelle Williams is Isabel Anderson who, whilst running an Orphanage in Africa gets invited to New York to meet a potential benefactor who is looking to invest in their cause.

Isabel travels to The Big Apple where she meets Theresa Young (Julianne Moore), a successful businesswoman who is busy running around organising her daughters wedding. Because of this she is struggling to concentrate on signing off on the investment and says she will do it after the wedding, inviting Isabel to join her.

But on the wedding day, when Isabel sees Theresa’s husband Oscar (Billy Crudup), its clear there’s some sort of long-lasting history between the two.. And that’s about all I can say about the plot without diving headlong into spoilers.

Charlie longed for real glove puppets for Christmas

The story that unfolds after jumps from coincidence to coincidence whilst taking a few daring lurches in narrative when daring to go a little deeper.

Julianne Moore is an absolute delight in this. She plays the snide businesswoman really well before really going to town with her upsetting scenes later on in the film.

The whole thing plays out like a TV movie, but I was really pleased to have watched a satisfying and touching story on the screen. It worked well for me and despite not being a film I would rush to see again, I woukd recommend it to others to watch.

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