Skyscraper – Film #55

Skyscraper or Shite-scraper?


They don’t make them like they used to….until now!

Dwayne Johnson is back with another absolute blockbuster. Arguably the hardest working man in movies at the moment, Johnson is firing out movie after movie that are just hitting all the right notes. Jumanji was surprisingly decent, Rampage was a romp, and here he is with a film which is straight out of the 80’s and 90’s golden age of cheesy action flicks.

Skyscraper is a simple storyline…someone has built a massive skyscraper, Dwayne Johnson is an ex military man with one leg following an incident (something which isn’t dwelled on) and his family are living inside the residential section of the super structure whilst he assesses it. It passes the asssessment, then terrorists take over and set the state-of-the-art building on fire, disabling all the fire safety measures, and framing Johnson in the meantime.

But with Johnson’s family, including wife Neve Campbell (who hasn’t aged a day since I first saw her in Scream), are trapped inside the building and Johnson has to get inside to save them

Cue death-defying leaps of faith, tense shuffles over small planks over raging fires, an ingenious way to scale a building, some pretty naughty bad guys and plenty of foreshadowing thrown into the mix.

I’m saying this now…Skyscraper is great.

I saw it in IMAX 3D and it really brought it to life…especially the moments where they showed the height perspectives etc.

Stunning special effects, fairly average story, but executes really well.

It’s dumb, it’s fun and it’s 2hrs of great cinema. This is what the big screen was made for.


Current movie list…trending at 98 movies for the year…complete with links to all the reviews where I did them either on YouTube or as a Blog Post here on my blog :


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23/02/2018 13 The Greatest Showman : Singalong
26/02/2018 14 Game Night
02/03/2018 15 The Greatest Showman
09/03/2018 16 Red Sparrow
13/03/2018 17 Love, Simon
16/03/2018 18 Walk Like A Panther
17/03/2018 19 Peter Rabbit
22/03/2018 20 Tomb Raider
25/03/2018 21 Blockers
26/03/2018 22 Isle Of Dogs
27/03/2018 23 Unsane
29/03/2018 24 Ready Player One
03/04/2018 25 A Quiet Place
11/04/2018 26 Duck Duck Goose
12/04/2018 27 Thoroughbreds
12/04/2018 28 Rampage
12/04/2018 29 Death Wish
12/04/2018 30 Pacific Rim: Uprising
14/04/2018 31 Truth Or Dare
14/04/2018 32 Ghost Stories
26/04/2018 33 Infinity War
01/05/2018 34 The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
04/05/2018 35 The Strangers: Prey At Night
05/05/2018 36 Tully
09/05/2018 37 I Feel Pretty
12/05/2018 38 Sherlock Gnomes
13/05/2018 39 Life Of The Party
14/05/2018 40 Book Club
15/05/2018 41 Deadpool 2
17/05/2018 42 Breaking In
28/05/2018 43 Show Dogs
29/05/2018 44 Solo: A Star Wars Story
06/06/2018 45 Jurassic World 2
08/06/2018 46 Kaala
16/06/2018 47 Hereditary
20/06/2018 48 Incredibles 2
22/06/2018 49 Ocean’s 8
05/07/2018 50 The First Purge
06/07/2018 51 Tag
10/07/2018 52 Hotel Artemis
15/07/2018 53 Secret Of Marrowbone
16/07/2018 54 Soorma
17/07/2018 55 Skyscraper


  1. In places it’s seriously dumb. There were a few moments which pushed my suspension of disbelief a bit too far. Maybe I’d have been a bit more wowed in 3D. It just felt a bit rushed st the resolution for me – particularly the putting out of the fire which happened in seconds, more or less. The callback to the leg removing incident was far too predictable as well. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but probably wouldn’t rush to see it again for a bit.


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