Truth Or Dare – Film #31

I have a question for you……Truth Or Dare?


Blumhouse have been big players lately in the horror market. From the Sinister series, through some of the Paranormal Activity films.

Truth Or Dare is the latest production from the studios and unfortunately it falls fairly short of some of it’s predecessors.

Its the story of a group of friends on spring break in Mexico who get roped into a game of Truth Or Dare that quickly turns deadly. They are told that the rules are that if they don’t tell the truth, they die, and if they don’t do the dare, they die.

After the game begins, all the friends systematically begin to see visions of people asking them “Truth Or Dare”, which leads to a few deaths and some awkward moments of truth before they figure out what is going on.

So here’s my issue with the film. First of all, a film which is relying on character deaths in crazy circumstances needs to have better deaths. Sure, there’s a couple of decent ones…but there’s a major problem I have…not once throughout the whole film do you see any blood or gore. Some of the deaths are violent, but there’s a distinct lack of the red stuff, that just takes you away from the action somewhat, wanting a little more.

The story itself is a decent one. It’s very much like Final Destination in that everything is done in turn, so they know “who’s next?”

But it feels like it goes on just a touch too long and the eventual revelation of how the game is being governed all feels like it’s been done way too many times.

Watchable but not one I would recommend for everyone to rush to the cinema to see.



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