Ghost Stories – Film #32


The Brain Sees What It Wants To See

Ghost Stories is here. Adapted from the Olivier Award Winning Stage Show written by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman (who also starred in the Show and in this film), the film is the story of paranormal investigator Professor Phillip Goodman, a debunker of fake mediums and suchlike. He meets an old investigator who has three cases he has never been able to uncover the truth about. This sets him off on a journey to see the three main men across the stories : Paul Whitehouse (playing a night watchman), Alex Lawther (a troubled student) and Martin Freeman (a farmer). He meets all three, attempting to find out what is going on…and there’s not much about the plot I can tell you beyond this without spoiling things.

The film is undeniably creepy as hell. Most of the film was filmed literally around the corner from where I live, so the “Yorkshire” feel to the film made it even more relevant.

The stories are indeed spooky and creepy, each different and scary in their own right.

It’s an unnerving film, and everything comes together beautifully later on.

Midway through the film though, I felt like it lost some of its direction, but I needn’t have worried, it turned itself around brilliantly.

I am gutted I never got to see the stage show now, although my friend Yvonne assures me that on a small stage, it was put together amazingly. So much so that audience members were told not to reveal anything to others on leaving the theatre!

So back to the film and it’s really well put together and has a fantastic feel, although I feel like it could have been scarier in places.



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