Thoroughbreds – Film #27

Imagine if I told you a film was a cross between Heathers and American Psycho…and that’s what you get with Thoroughbreds.

It’s the story of two Upper Class teenage girls who come together following a few years apart. In that time, Lily (Anya Taylor-Joy) has lost her father and is now living with her mother and step dad whilst Amanda (Olivia Cooke) is known for her strange ways after killing her own horse.

When they come together it’s clear there’s going to be fireworks. Amanda has no emotions, something she explains very early on in the film, and finds herself copying emotions from other people as and when she needs to. This leads to her witnessing how much Lily hates her Step-Father and suggests that they should kill him.

It’s a very dark and subtle film. Long periods of hanging shots, with no dialogue, backed up by other scenes which are very dialogue heavy.

What you get is a heavy filmed which delivers in some elements but feels like it is just missing the mark on some others. Whilst it’s clear you are watching a bond grow between the girls which ultimately leads to some nastiness, I felt like I wanted more from the film throughout. I wanted the psychotic sides to the girls to push through harder than it did, but the fact it didn’t is probably the beauty of the film itself.

Anton Yelchin, in his final posthumously released film following his untimely death puts in a well chiselled performance too as Drug Dealer Tim.

Well worth a watch…but maybe not worth a Cinema trip for.



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