Pacific Rim Uprising – Film #30


Jaeger-bombs all around!

Pacific Rim is back in the followup to 2013’s blockbuster in which Jaegers were deployed to battle massive Kaiju that had come through a breach into an alien dimension.

This time, it’s now 10 years since the war of the first film, and John Boyega playing Jake Pentecost, son of world-saver Stacker Pentecost from Pacific Rim, is as far away from being a pilot as possible. He meets young scrapper Amari (Cailee Spaeny), who has built herself a small Jaeger from pieces of old war tech.

At the same time, the Shao Corporation are building an army of Drone-controlled Jaegers, ready to fulfil their missions…but everything goes a little wrong and soon, the old tech is being called upon to save the world again.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Much like the original film, it’s great fun, but you have to completely remove your brain and suspend belief for long enough for it to have an impact.

It seemed like hard work in the early stages, as the film tries to establish characters and relationships, as well as building the threat from the Shao big-wigs. Because of this, it’s slow to get started with, and you start longing for some Jaeger-on-Kaiju action.

When the action does ramp up however, it really does turn it up to 11! We have Kaiju on a mission, all being summoned from a surprising plot twist which I won’t go into detail here. We have Jaeger pilots struggling to connect, and a whole raft of new recruits who have struggled through their training, being thrust into the fight.

In the end, it makes for a very enjoyable romp. There’s insane special effects and enough destroyed buildings to make Godzilla proud.

Enjoyed best at the cinema, this is a solid 7/10


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