Deathwish – Film #29

Ah Bruce…for every Sixth Sense, there’s a Mercury Rising…and this, my friends is one of Mr Willis’s weaker moments.

It’s a story of revenge, a remake of the original Charles Bronson film, where Doctor Kersey’s wife is killed and daughter seriously injured following a robbery gone wrong.

After that, and realising the police won’t be capturing anyone for th crime, he goes vigilante in an attempt to find the people who attacked his family.

To say it’s a poor film would be a misrepresentation. It’s not overly bad, just not executed well at all. You find yourself not caring about his family, and when he does catch up with anyone, his revenge, whilst brutal, feels silly and often falls into the realms of Final Destination style gore, and at one point even channels its inner Home Alone with a Bowling Ball.

It’s not great, I wouldn’t watch it again and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to watch it either.



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