Duck Duck Goose – Film #26


When a new animated movie comes out that’s not Disney, Pixar, Illumination or Dreamworks, I worry for it’s impact.

And in this case I was right to worry.

Duck Duck Goose just isn’t good.

My three year old daughter loved it however and couldn’t stop talking about it. But in all honesty, I was falling asleep through most of the film. It was disjointed and just not well put together at all.

The story is of Peng, a goose who likes to show off and thinks he’s better than all the rest. He doesn’t want to practise for the upcoming migration and whilst messing about, he separates two ducklings from their group. They take him as their mummy and he vows to get them returned…despite having a broken wing.

Oh and there’s a really scary cat character. My little one was terrified of it.

It’s a great looking film, but its just not a great film.


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