A Quiet Place – Film #25



A Quiet Place is here…and it’s very, very quiet indeed.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinki (also in the directors chair) star in this quaint little tale of family life out on a farm in the middle of nowhere…………..whilst being hunted by viscous sound hunting monsters, fearing for their lives every second of the day.

Its a beautiful tale of family, love, looking out for each other and shutting the fuck up when any noise might lead to your imminent death!

From the opening scene, it’s clear that this film is going to pull no punches and one early moment literally left me with my mouth hanging open in the cinema.

It’s a great, unique story which owes a lot to an amazing score by Marco Beltrami and amazing sound design. For that, it’s 100% a cinema movie. You have to witness is in all it’s surround sound glory to really get the right impact from it.

It’s not out and out scary…but the whole film is full of tension, with enough jump scares to catch out even the most hardened horror fan. The atmosphere it creates due to it’s constant silence and edginess is strange to witness in a cinema, but it works so well.

I have a couple of discrepancies around the film. One of which is the concern as to why Emily Blunt’s character would be carrying a baby when they know about all the dangers of sound…and if that baby came into the world, what carnage would it bring upon them. My second concern is very much around the ending…but I won’t discuss that here as it would contain a fairly hefty spoiler….drop me a line if you have seen it and we can discuss!

Rating 8/10 for originality, sound and just being a genuinely good film, albeit with a couple of things I would want to have played out differently to push it to a 9 or higher.

Here’s my instant Cinema Car Park Critique filmed straight out of the cinema, followed by the trailer for the film :


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