Film Review : Film #1,204 – Flight

Denzel is Denzel, he always has been Denzel and always will be Denzel. Very rarely does Denzel ever play alone other than someone like the last Denzel he played. And here in Flight, he plays Pilot Denzel.

Pilot Denzel has a drink problem. Pilot Denzel also has a Drug problem. Mix them together and you get a troubled Denzel. Put him in control of a passenger aircraft and you have DUI Denzel. Have that same plane take a nosedive mid flight and Pilot Denzel, through evasive action actually flips the plane upside down, then flips it back, giving a decent crash landing and you have Hero Pilot Denzel.

But the plot thickens. Troubled Hero Drunk Drugged Pilot Denzel ends up in hospital where he meets a troubled woman whom he falls for. She’s troubled in the sense she’s hitting up the hard stuff, injecting shit into her veins…that can only mean trouble!

And whilst Hero Fucked Up Pilot Denzel is coming to terms with everything, up pops Don Fucking Cheadle. Mr Always-There-As-The-Voice-Of-Reason, telling Pilot Denzel that his problems are far from over as all the drinking and the drugging means he’s prime candidate for Bad Employee Of The Month at the airline. Uh-oh! I smell trouble.

Quicker than you can say “pass me that bottle” Troubled Pilot Denzel is in Trouble and his every move is being scrutinised. But can Hero Denzel manage to overcome the Demon Booze and straighten out what went down on the flight (other than the actual plane obviously…!)?

Gotta say too… John (Dan from Roseanne) Goodman has an absolutely brilliant two scene cameo part which steals the comedy element away from the drug-taking booze swigging hilarity of the rest of the film.

Believe it or not, I really enjoyed it. Despite taking the piss above, Denzel was great. He can really put himself into a role and it shows. He had to carry the film for the most part but did it with professional ease.

It’s not an all-action ride but its a worthy contender for Oscar nods.

Flight…fly off and see it!


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