Film Review – Film #1,203 : Seven Psychopaths

From the director and writer of In Bruges comes another masterpiece.

Seven Psychopaths is witty, crazy, a little bit zany and definitely one of the quirkiest films you will ever see. Colin Farrell plays a struggling writer, plagued by his drinking habits who runs a small-time dog-theft-and-return-for-reward scam along with nutty Sam Rockwell and deep, but casually crazy Christopher Walken.

Farrell is attempting to write a new film called Seven Psychopaths and is on the lookout for inspiration for his film…but he doesn’t have to look too far when those surrounding him all begin to break apart and show their true colours.

Everything starts to go wrong when the group inadvertently piss off crime boss Woody Harrelson by stealing his prize shih tzu Bonnie. He decides to attempt to get his dog back by tracking down the people responsible which leads to them all having to take drastic measures to keep themselves safe.

What we have presented to the audience is a film which blurs the line between fiction and reality in a powerful way. What seems to be Farrell’s fairytale story world often descends into real life crisis, putting everyone at risk.

Farrell is great in this kind of role, playing the constantly pissed off and troubled man we know he probably is in real life. He seem tailored to the part. Harrelson’s caring craziness is a joy, and Walken’s undercurrent of sly psycho-tendancies is played well…but for me, it’s Sam Rockwell who steals the show with his charismatic nut-job who drops deeper and deeper into his own mentalness until everything comes to a head.

A very good film…although if I had to choose between this and In Bruges, I think the Belgian-set film would just win out.Image

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