Men In Black 3


“Here come the Men In Black, Galaxy Defenders!”

The Men In Black are Back…fifteen years after making their first big screen outing, the trials and tribulations of agents K and J are returning to cinemas following a poor sequel between.

When the original movie came out, it was fun and fresh and something unique. The tale of New York cop James recruited to the mysterious and secret organisation which monitors alien life and protects Earth against “The Worst Scum Of The Universe” (…and no, for once this doesn’t mean Man Utd fans…)

Wisecracking Agent J is teamed up with the surly Agent K, and the buddy movie was taken to whole new levels with brilliant special effects and a good comedy script.

Then came MIB2…highly anticipated…huge letdown. A very inferior movie which attempted to pick up on the success of the original but in only a few short years, the entire thing was diluted and out of ideas.

So it was with a little bit of apprehension that I approached MIB3.

My day kicked off quite well as I turned 50p into £10 on the quiz machine in the lobby of the cinema, so my mood was already up as I went into the film…and the good mood continued as the movie started…and we are introduced to Boris The Animal (“It’s just Boris!”) and a rather fetching looking accomplice played by Nicole Scherzinger. Following Boris’ escape from a maximum security prison, its alerted to the Men In Black (and the Woman In Black played by Emma Thompson) to seek him out…but things all go pear shaped and soon we’re dealing with the erasing of Tommy Lee Jones from history and the subsequent jump back in time by J to attempt a rescue…

…and then Josh Brolin turns up with arguable the best ever actor-playing-a-younger-actor impersonation ever to be seen on screen. Brolin absolutely nails the younger K and the film enters a whole new dimension with Will Smith’s character once again out of his depth and looking to learn from his mentor.

The 3D element of the movie is brilliantly used and well put together and arguably some of the best I have seen. It’s a very simple story but well executed and all the new additions and bit-parts in the cast, from the guys in the bowling alley to Agent W, are welcome and well utilised.

There could have been more laughs, but there’s also a very sentimental feel to a film which rolls out to a very well-placed finish.


  1. I can’t wait to see this one. I didn’t hate the 2nd one, but it definitely wasn’t as good as the first. Except for the tiny worm guys.


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