Project X

This movie should carry a “Don’t Try This At Home” warning for any teenagers on the verge of inviting a few friends around for a few beers. It today’s Internet-society where Facebook is King and millions are in the Twitter-sphere, it’s all easy for a small gathering to turn into one epic night that no-one will forget…but not always in a good way.

The story is loosely based on those little newspaper stories we’ve all read about, where the address of a party is posted online and a few hours, hundreds of beers and plenty of illegal substances later, the repair bills have entered the tens of thousands of pounds.

So here we have Thomas, an average kid, with average grades who is never really going to make his mark in the schoolyard until, coaxed by his sidekicks Costa and JB, he decides to host a party and video it all on Camera as a memento. What begins as a pull and tug comedy routine between the three on-screen teenagers and the one off-camera one, soon becomes dipped in alcohol and drugs and on a downward spiral.

All the signs are there early…the car Thomas’s Dad doesn’t want touching, the dog who needs to be locked up and away from anything going on, and the house in pristine condition…all of which you know will end up getting the party treatment by the end of the film.

It’s a coming of age journey, threatening to seriously warn the youth of today that taking it that one step too far may never be recoverable.

A banging soundtrack, some absolute perfect comedy, and some wild set pieces that will have you looking at the screen in disbelief all merge into one joyful ride which will leave you laughing, aghast and shocked by what goes down because deep down, you know this has happened and will happen again…and who knows, it could be your street where the party comes next!


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